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For sale $1,349,000
143 MEDALLION BLVD, vaughan, Ontario

143 Medallion Blvd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 2 days ago

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $699,000
#701 -12 WOODSTREAM BLVD, vaughan, Ontario

#701 -12 Woodstream Blvd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 5 days ago

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $799,900
#10 -8032 KIPLING AVE, vaughan, Ontario

#10 -8032 Kipling Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 16 days ago

3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $1,699,800
117 CLARENCE ST, vaughan, Ontario

117 Clarence St

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

6 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Is West Woodbridge A Good Place To Live?

If you are planning on moving to the suburbs outside of the hub of the city of Toronto then be sure to take a look at West Woodbridge first. The main reason being is because this is a vibrant growing community that makes up part of the Vaughan township.

Real Estate For West Woodbridge

No matter whether you are a couple, single, seniors or already have a family you will be able to find the perfect living accommodations. For those looking for a detached home the three bedrooms in this neighbourhood average at about $789K. A four-bedroom goes for about $1.M.

If you want something smaller then a townhome may be a good choice. There are some good choices here ranging from two to four bedrooms. With a 2 bedroom selling for about $693K, and the four-bedroom going for around $720K.

There are also some great choices when it comes to condos ranging from one to three bedrooms. Prices are in the range of $505K for a one-bedroom up to $873K for a three-bedroom.

No matter which style of home is in your best interests you will not want to hold off on your decision making for too long. Homes only remain on the market for about 29 days which means you will need to act fast when you find something that appeals to you.

The Neighborhood

When deciding on moving to an area you will want to know the important aspects of the neighbourhood. West Woodbridge has some very positive assets.

The Population

The age group of those living in this community is comprised of:

  • Kids 0 to 12 years – 9%
  • 13 to 19 years – 7%
  • 20 to 29 years – 16%
  • 30 to 44 years – 16%
  • 45 to 64 years – 34%
  • 65 and up – 18%

These statistics show that this neighbourhood is well established by older adults, but many who still fit into the working environment. At the same time, the entire township of Vaughan is growing, and there is plenty of room in every neighbourhood within the township for families of all ages. This includes West Woodbridge. The township has planned for this, which is evident in all of the needs that children have are aptly met in this neighbourhood.

Cultural Experiences

64% of the residents here are of European background, with 20% being South Asian, 13% the British Isles and 3% East and Southeast Asian. This is a good group with all living in comfortable lifestyles and being compatible with one another.


There are some great educational institutions that are serving West Woodbridge. Some of the choices are:

  • San Marco Catholic School
  • Woodbridge Public School
  • Toronto District Christian High School

There are good opportunities for some great education no matter what the grade level. The schools serving this community have all received high ratings for their course materials.


Daycare is also an important commodity for young families. There are also several options for this that cater to different age groups. Some choices are:

  • St Peters Child Care Centre
  • Promised Future
  • Fun On The Run Child Care Centre

Activities For The Family

Activities for the family are often made the priority when it comes to a move. However, in West Woodbridge, there has been a lot of focus placed on activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. These are often offered collectively through the many community centres that are located within Vaughan township. Those that are closest to West Woodbridge are:

  • Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre
  • Al Palladini Community Centre
  • Chancellor Community Centre

When checking out what the majority of these community centres have to offer, many are pleased to discover that they have a whole gambit of activities like swimming pools, for example. Many of them offer opportunities for seasonal activities, like skating.

Outdoor Activities

When moving to an urban area like West Woodbridge, new residents want to take advantage of what the beautiful outdoor environment here has to offer. Some of the favourites are:

  • McClure Meadows Park
  • Thomson Creek Parkette
  • Rainbow Creek Park

Shopping Opportunities for Residents of West Woodbridge

This is also another important must-have for those choosing a new neighbourhood. There are some great malls to visit, such as:

  • Woodbridge Mall
  • Vaughan Valley Centre
  • RioCan Centre

Then aside from this, there are many other types of stores that are easily accessed like grocery stores, drugstores, and hardware stores.


Health care is also going to be a big priority for any age group. The township of Vaughan is very pleased with the level of healthcare that is available to every community within its boundaries. These include high profile medical centres as well as well-staffed hospitals that include Southlake Regional Health in Centre in Newmarket or Mackenzie Health in Richmond Hill.

For Seniors

Often the emphasis is put on young families, but West Woodbridge has made sure that this community is attractive to seniors. By doing this, they have plenty of senior clubs and programs with a few examples being:

  • St Peter’s Church
  • Chancellor Community Centre
  • Pine York Seniors Club


With there being many working families residing in West Woodbridge, commuting is something of importance. A trip from this neighbourhood to downtown Toronto only takes about 46 minutes. This makes this area ideal for those who want to enjoy urban living but are working in the downtown core of the city. There is also the option for public transit for those who do not want to drive.

Is West Woodbridge A Safe Place To Live?

No matter what the age group, confidence can be taken in the fact that overall, the township of Vaughan enjoys a good overall low crime rate. The people who live here are friendly and welcoming no matter what the ethnicity of a family is or what age group they come under.


Most everything that one wants to enjoy when it comes to their living environment can be found here in West Woodbridge. Vaughan township is one of the rare regions that can offer everything that urban living should be able to offer.