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For sale $1,148,800
275 FOREST FOUNTAIN DR, vaughan, Ontario

275 Forest Fountain Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 18 hours ago

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $1,148,000
62 SGOTTO BLVD, vaughan, Ontario

62 Sgotto Blvd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 13 hours ago

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $1,400,000
162 LIO AVE, vaughan, Ontario

162 Lio Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 3 months ago

7 Bedroom 5 Bathroom

Is Sonoma Heights, A Good Place To Live?

For those that have an interest in urban living that is outside of the hub of the activity of Toronto but still close enough to access it, then Sonoma Heights, which is located in Vaughan Township, may be a community to look at.

Setting the Criteria For The Living Environment

When looking for an area to move to most will determine what their wants and needs are and for most people who are going to invest in real estate that they are going to make their home they have the same things in common, which include:

  1. A residence that is going accommodate their needs now and in the future
  2. Affordability
  3. Safe Environment
  4. The opportunity for good education and options
  5. The need for an easy commute
  6. Close to and easy access to major amenities
  7. A good selection of different forms of activities and entertainment
  8. Health Care Services

When considering living in Sonoma Heights, knowing how this area measures up in regards to these wants and needs will help with the decision making.

Expectations for the Residence


Every family will have different expectations when it comes to the size of the home that will serve them well. Bedrooms are often a big factor. Here in Sonoma Heights, there is a selection of homes that are mostly detached or townhomes. The detached homes range from 2 to 5 bedrooms and townhomes that come on the market can range from 2 to 4 bedrooms.


For those that are really focusing on affordability, Sonoma Heights is an important community to look at as the majority of homes here fall into the affordability range. For example:

2 bedroom homes average $877.K and 5 bedrooms $1.4M

2 bedroom townhome averages $765K and 4 bedrooms $774.K

With prices like this, it should be expected that they do not remain on the market very long, and statistics show that home listed for sale in this region only remains so for approx. 12 days.

Is Sonoma Heights a Safe Place To Live?

The community of Sonoma Heights is made up of mostly young families and a wonderful selection of ethnic groups. The majority age group is 30 to 44 years of age.

Ethnic Groups:

71% European

8% South Asian

The township of Vaughan overall is listed as having a low crime rate. With Sonoma Heights being part of this region, it comes into the same crime rate statistic.


The township of Vaughan is not just an established township but a growing one. As such, they have made sure that all of the communities within its boundaries have access to a good education.

For the children and youth in Sonoma Township they will have access to great schools like

  • St Andrew CES
  • Elder’s Mills PS
  • Lorna Jackon PS
  • St. Padre PIO CES

Child Care

Not only are the schools important, but for many working parents, they need daycare facilities that they can rely on, and Sonoma Heights has addressed this as well with options such as:

  • St. Andrew School Age Program
  • Bizzy Buddies Learning &Childcare Centre
  • Elder’s Mills Child Care


With the community being comprised of a lot of young families, that ability to be able to commute to downtown Toronto may be important.

By car, depending on which route is taken, it averages about a 41-minute drive comprised of 55.4 km. There is public transit that can be used starting from Napa Valley Ave. that runs throughout the day.


Amenities are important to everyone but perhaps more so for the young families. There is a good selection of malls that are within each travel to residents of Sonoma Mills, as well as what is considered the most popular stores.

Malls that are most frequently by Sonoma Mills Residents are:

  • Woodbine Shopping Centre
  • The Promenade
  • Vaughan Mills

For major stores providing groceries, there is:

  • Longos
  • Metro
  • Fortinos
  • Walmart

Activities and Entertainment

One of the additional benefits of living in Sonoma Heights is that there is lots of green space to enjoy, which includes some great parks. One of the favourites is the Sonoma Heights Community Park, which has some great walking trails.

Community Centres

Community centres play a big role in providing activities for families, and Sonoma Heights has easy access to several of them, which includes:

  • Al Palladini Community Centre
  • Father Ermanno Bulfon Community centre
  • Chancellor Community Centre

Then there is the Sonoma Heights Activity Centre, which has some great programs for all ages from the very young right up to the seniors.

Throughout the township of Vaughan, there are several community centres that allow for water play most of which are easy for the Sonoma Heights residents to access.


Most of the community centres allow for the playing and enjoyment of different types of sports, and then there is the Vaughan Sportsplex, where the playing of hockey, soccer, or basketball can be enjoyed.

Major Attractions

Another benefit for residents living in this community is that they can enjoy some of the major attractions that are found within the township such as Canada’s Wonderland, Boyd Conservation Park and Legoland


Libraries should never be left out of the options for providing activities for the families. Sonoma Heights residents have several to choose from such as:

  • Pierre Berton Resource Library
  • Kleinburg Library
  • Woodbridge Library

Health Care Services

Health care services are critically important to any community and especially those that are home to young families. There are several medical centres that provide services to those in the Sonoma Heights community. The two major hospitals to be relied on are Mackenzie Vaughan and Mackenzie Health.


It is easy to see that with whatever Sonoma Heights possesses is ideal for all families, but is also a great place for seniors to live. The community has not forgotten about this age group and has made sure that all of their wants and needs are met as well. Everything that is on the average “must-have” list for moving into a community can be checked off when it comes to Sonoma Heights in the township of Vaughan.