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For sale $2,500,000
#205 -1 CORDOBA DR, vaughan, Ontario

#205 -1 Cordoba Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 4 months ago

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

Is Lakeview Estates in Vaughan,  A Good Place To Live?

There are some great choices of communities throughout the township of Vaughan, and one of these is Lakeview Estates. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a young couple starting, a family with kids or getting into your senior living; there are some great real estate opportunities to be found here.

Real Estate in Lakeview Estates

Lakeview Estates has been classed as one of the “hottest” neighbourhoods to buy in within the township of Vaughan.

The average listing price for a house in this neighbourhood is $656K. Home sales are so popular here that at least 43% of them sell under ten days of being on the market. Around 23% of them sell for an above-asking price.

The Neighborhood

It is natural to be interested in the age groups that make up a community. Statistics show that:

  • 13% make up the age group 0 to 12 years
  • 11% of teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19
  • 15% of young adults between 20 to 29 years
  • 17% of adults between 30 to 44 years
  • 33% between the ages of 45 to 64
  • 11% ages 65 and up

What this indicates is that there is a good mix of age groups that all live well together in one community. Sometimes finding an area that really suits the teens can be a bit of a challenge. For Lakeview Estates, there are more teenagers by percentage residing here at 11% compared to 9% for the GTA.

Ethnic Diversity

One of the other great aspects of Lakeview Estates is the ethnic diversity which is comprised of

  • 40% European
  • 35% South Asian
  • 17% East and Southeast Asian
  • 2% British Isles

Medical Care

With a diverse age group as what can be found in Lakeview Estates, it is important that the proper medical care is available to meet each of their needs.

Hospitals and Health Centres

There are a few good hospitals to tend to the needs of all age groups living in Lakeview Estate. This includes Mackenzie health centre and Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. The Shouldice private hospital, which is a specialty hospital, is nearby as well.

Shopping Experiences for Residents of Lakeview Estates

There are no disappointments when it comes to great shopping options for those living in Lakeview Estates. The malls that are most popular and close by are:

  • SmartCentres Vaughan Northwest
  • Promenade
  • Vaughan Mills

Any of these are a great choice, but for the one that is the biggest of them all, it would be Vaughan Mills.

Activities and Entertainment

The residents of Lakeview Estates get to enjoy many of the activities that are found throughout the Vaughan township because there are so many that are centrally located.

Community Centres

This is always a good place to start when looking for activities for the kids. There are several community centres within close proximity that offer swimming, exercise centres and seasonal activities like skating and hockey. A few worth looking at are:

  • North Thornhill Community Centre
  • Al Palladini Community Centre
  • Vellore Village Community Centre


These are important for all age groups. They have plenty of activities and programs for the kids and are an excellent resource for all adults. Fortunately, there are several good ones to be accessed by those living in Lakeview Estates. Such as:

  • Civic Centre Resource Library
  • Pierre Berton Resource Library
  • Bathurst Clark Resource Library


For parents of school children, they will be pleased with the educational choices that are located here. The Vaughan township has an impressive record for being home to schools with high education scores. This is something that is important to both the parents and the kids. Some of the schools in the vicinity are:

  • Vaughan Secondary School
  • Charlton Public School
  • Westminster Public School

Access to Highschools is just as important as some of these to be found here include:

  • St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
  • Maple High School

For The Pre-Schoolers

Parents with preschool children in Lakeview also have some great options for getting them into pre-school programs like those at:

  • Vaughan Kids Daycare
  • Uptown Montessori School
  • Over The Rainbow Children’s Centre


Some parents really like to think ahead for their children’s education, which means they want to know what University options there are. For this area, there is York University as well as a few others. Keeping in mind that commute to downtown Toronto and the surrounding areas.


Being as there are may within the working-age group living in Lakeview Estates, being able to commute to downtown Toronto is important. An average commute is about 43 minutes.

Outdoor Environment

The outdoor environment is going to be very important, no matter where a family lives. In Lakeview Estates, there are some wonderful opportunities for the entire family to enjoy the outdoors. These range from some small parks to some bigger ones, with some being:

  • Emerald Lane Parkette
  • York Hill District Park
  • Promenade Green Park

Enjoying What The Township of Vaughan Has To Offer

One of the advantages of Lakeview Estates being one of the communities within Vaughan it means they can also enjoy what the township has to offer. There are plenty of things to see and do here. Some of the highlights are

Canada’s Wonderland: is a huge theme park and everyone living in Vaughan has easy access to it.

Land of Lego: The kids will never grow tired of this, and they can be taken whenever the opportunity arises as to its located right inside Vaughan Mills.

Aside from this, there is always something going on that can be enjoyed throughout all of the seasons of the year.


Lakeview Estates is one of those communities that has something to offer everyone. The property prices are reasonable, and there are some great living choices here. This is a place where a family can easily plan on living out their entire lifetime.