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For sale $744,900
#123 -8201 ISLINGTON AVE, vaughan, Ontario

#123 -8201 Islington Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 13 hours ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $674,999
#01 -198 PINE GROVE RD, vaughan, Ontario

#01 -198 Pine Grove Rd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 day ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $1,500,000
61 ARISTA GATE, vaughan, Ontario

61 Arista Gate

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 day ago

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom
For sale $2,598,900
43 GAMBLE ST, vaughan, Ontario

43 Gamble St

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 day ago

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom
For sale $2,450,000
26 FOREVIEW CRT, vaughan, Ontario

26 Foreview Crt

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 5 days ago

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $629,000
#306 -245 PINE GROVE RD, vaughan, Ontario

#306 -245 Pine Grove Rd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 7 days ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $874,800
#9 -8441 ISLINGTON AVE, vaughan, Ontario

#9 -8441 Islington Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 8 days ago

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $689,000
#117 -8302 ISLINGTON AVE, vaughan, Ontario

#117 -8302 Islington Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 9 days ago

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $1,599,000
20 WAKELIN CRT, vaughan, Ontario

20 Wakelin Crt

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 9 days ago

5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $2,490,000
108 GREGORY SCOTT DR, vaughan, Ontario

108 Gregory Scott Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 3 days ago

4 Bedroom 5 Bathroom
For sale OPEN HOUSE $619,000
#PH401 -250 PINE GROVE RD, vaughan, Ontario

#ph401 -250 Pine Grove Rd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 hour ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $1,398,888
20 GAMBLE ST, vaughan, Ontario

20 Gamble St

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 15 hours ago

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Is Islington Woods, A Good Place To Live?

Islington Woods is a small community within Woodbridge that is part of the Vaughan township.  It has the Boyd Conservation on one side and the Humber River on the other. Part of this community is the Woodbridge Highlands. It is an excellent choice for those who want to raise a family in a safe and growing neighbourhood.

Real Estate in Islington Woods

The first concern of many who are looking to move to an urban area like Islington Woods is the cost of property and what is available that would appeal to families.

Average Home Prices

The average home in this community sells for about $1.2 million.

  • Homes on the market tend to be larger and a 4 bedroom home sells for around $1.7 million.
  • There are some great choices in smaller townhouses that are comprised of 2 bedrooms that sell on average for $576.K.
  • Many young families now prefer condo living and a 2 bedroom condo in this area can average around $558K.
  • A one-bedroom that couples may be interested in sell for around $470K.

Those that are interested in buying in Islington Woods should make up their minds quickly as homes for sale only stay on the market for an average of 20 days.


Education is going to be an important factor for families with children. In the Islington Woods area, there are excellent school systems as part of the Woodbridge school system. There are some great choices for different levels of school, such as:

  • Emily Carr Secondary School
  • Toronto District Christian High School
  • St. Margaret Elementary School


For Those with Young children not in school as yet daycare may be a necessity. Those who move to Islington Woods will have some option to choose from to meet this need. This includes:

  • EYES Daycare Woodbridge
  • The Children’s Path Child Care Centre

For families who need assistance for daycare before and after school, they may be interested in the Woodbridge pine Grove YMCA Before and After School Program.

Family-Friendly Neighborhood

When families are looking for a neighbourhood that is going to be fitting for their children, they are usually interested in what age groups are residing there.

  • In this particular neighborhood 9% of the children are between the ages of 0 to 12 years
  • For kids between the ages of 13 to 19, it is 7%
  • Adults between 30 to 44 years of ages make up 16%
  • The highest age group is 45 to 64 which is 34%

These figures indicate that there are more living here in the older age group, but there is still a good mix.

Ethnic Community

The population is made up of 64% European, 20% South Asian, 13% British Isles and 3% East and South Asian.


One of the advantages of living in Islington Woods is that it is away from the hub of the city yet close enough to all of the same amenities. All of which are important to all age groups that are living here.


One of the best facilities for entertainment is often community centres. Here in this vicinity, there are several that can be easily accessed which includes

Al Palladini Community Centre

Here there is something for the entire family. There is recreational swimming as well as 6 lane lap pool. There is also a great fitness centre that includes an indoor track as well as squash courts.

Chancellor Community Centre

It also offers some great swimming opportunities and some sports activities. Such as skating and hockey. There is also a drop-in recreation area for older adults.


There are several different Malls that provide all the shopping needs for those who live in this area, such as:

  • Vaughan Mills
  • Market Lane Shopping Centre
  • Rutherford Shopping Centre

These are all great shopping centres that have all of the stores that anyone would find in downtown Toronto.


Libraries are a great resource not only for finding good books but other activities that take place there. Libraries that are easy to access for those in Islington Woods are:

  • Pierre Berton Resource Library
  • Woodbridge Library
  • Ansley Grove Library

Enjoying The Outdoors

When living in a beautiful community like Islington Woods, most want to be outdoors to enjoy what the environment here has to offer. There are some great parks that provide the perfect setting for this, which includes:

  • Maxey Park
  • Boyd Conservation Park
  • Dr. McLean park

Canada’s Wonderland

One of the things that many of the kids enjoy about living in Islington Woods is that they are, on average, only a 17-minute drive from the very famous Canada Wonderland.

Jungle Land

Another great place for the kids to spend some time is at Jungle Land, which is an 11-minute commute.


Some that may be important to residents here is being able to commute to downtown Toronto. On average it is about a 44-minute drive. There is also public transportation available from this area throughout the day to downtown Toronto.

Health Care

Health care is another important factor for everyone. Islington Woods has some great options for different types of medical care. There are several medical centres as well as specialty clinics like laser and anti-aging clinics.


Being close to a Hospital is vital, and the William Osler Health System is on a 19-minute drive. Another option if the Mackenzie hospital which is about a 22-minute drive.

How Safe is Islington Woods?

Islington Woods in regards to safety comes under the statistics for Woodbridge on the whole, which comes under the township of Vaughan. Residents here are able to enjoy an overall low crime rate.


The neighborhood of Islington Woods is an overall good choice for anyone that wants to enjoy urban living. Although there are more in the older age bracket in this community, it does not lack anything important to the younger families. It is the type of neighbourhood where families are quite content to remain in even when the kids have grown and have left home.