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Is Glen Shields A Good Place To Live?

There are many excellent communities within the township of Vaughan that one can choose to live, and one of these is Glen Shields.

Real Estate Opportunities in Glen Shields

The first factor to consider when wanting to choose where to live is the real estate costs and value. The Glen Shields community offers some great diversity in prices as well as home styles.

A 3 bedroom home sells for on an average of $920K. This is a big feature because there are not many houses of this size available today in great neighbourhoods that are under a million. Approximately 97% of the houses sold go for at the listing price. Those who are considering moving to Glen Shields should not hesitate too long. On average, houses on the market only remain as such for about 39 days.

The Glen Shields Environment

Finding the perfect sized home that fits in with the budget is one major accomplishment, but there are other factors that need to be considered as well. Most want to know what the neighbourhood environment is like and who makes up the residents here. Statistics for Glen Shields shows the following when it comes to age groups:

  • 0 to 12-year-olds is comprised of 11%
  • 13 to 19 is about 7%
  • 20 to 29 years equals 16%
  • 30 to 44 years olds amounts to 18%
  • 45 to 65 age group found here amounts to 36%
  • 66 and up equals 12%

Based on these statistics, it indicates that Glen Shields is found to be most attractive to the young and middle-aged adults. Both of which are in the family range of occupants. This makes this community a good choice for those who as yet have not started a family as well as those that have. With the choices in the number of bedrooms in many of the homes, it allows for future family growth.

Ethnic Groups

There is a good mix of different ethnic families to be found in Glen Shields that is comprised of 38% European, 29% East and Southeast Asian, 13% Carribean, 9% South Asian and 6% British Isles.

Commuting from Glen Shields

For those who work in the downtown Toronto area or go to school there, they will find that commuting from Glen Shields to the city is about a 52-minute drive. There are also bus services that will provide transportation for those who prefer public transit.

Educational System

The township of Vaughan has made sure that all their communities are prepared not only now for meeting educational needs but for the future as well. This includes the provision of good schools that will serve the Glen Shields community. Some of the schools of choices are:

  • Glen Shields Public School
  • Vaughan Secondary School
  • Delano Academy

One thing that is impressive about the schools in Vaughan is that they are all highly rated when it comes to their teaching standards.

Day Care Opportunities

Parents of young children are often concerned about access to daycare facilities when they are thinking about moving. In the vicinity of Glen Shields there are some good options for daycare for the little ones that include:

  • Nuf House Academy
  • Wonderland Day Care
  • Kids Come First Day Care

These facilities are close to the Glen Shields Community, which is a real convenience for working parents.


When moving to an urban area, parents sometimes are concerned as to whether there will be enough activities to keep the kids content. For those moving to the Glen Shields Community, this is not a concern. To begin with, there are some excellent community centres that offer a whole host of activities for the entire family. These include:

  • Dufferin Clark Community Centre
  • Patricia Kemp Community Centre
  • Beth Chabad Israeli Community Centre

Like many of the quality community centres, they may offer a whole gambit of activities that include pleasure swimming as well as skating and hockey when in season.

Outdoor Fun

Another important asset to any community is the number of parks that residents can access. When it comes to Glen Shields, there is a long list of parks that can be enjoyed for play and exploring. Some of these include:

  • Marita Payne Park
  • Southview Park
  • King High Park

They vary in their proximity to Glen Shields, but all of them are easy to get to and are well worth visiting.

Special Activities

Another exciting feature for the kids living in Glen Shields is that they are in close proximity to some establishments that focus purely on kid fun which includes:

  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • York Kill District Park
  • Jungle Land Corp
  • Sugarbush Heritage Park
  • Legoland Discovery Centre

Don’t Forget About the Libraries

Libraries are also a great resource for kids. For those living in Glen Shields, they may want to check out what the following have to offer:

  • Dufferin Clark Library
  • Bathurst Clark Resource Library
  • Scott Library

Shopping and Amenities

Being able to enjoy great shopping experiences is a must. Glen Shields provides plenty of opportunities for this. There are many Malls and boutiques to choose from, and some excellent examples are:

  • Dufferin Steeles Centre
  • Promenade
  • Vaughan Mills
  • Ricocentre

There is anything that is needed or wanted that is not likely to be found in at least one of these locations.


Health care is not only something to be considered for the current family but for their future needs as well. Residents of Glen Shields have easy access to multiple health care facilities which includes Mackenzie Vaughan hospital, Mackenzie health, and the Humber River Hospital. What is important about the hospitals in the Vaughan township which services Glen Shields is that they have been built to deal with the population growth of the township, which is good news for those who want to move here now but want these important assets for the future.

Is Glen Shields A Safe Place To Live?

Glen Shields enjoys the same safe environment that Vaughan township is recognized for, which is an overall low crime rate.


Once becoming informed as to what Glen Shields has to offer, it becomes an easy decision to choose this community as a home. It has much for the entire family when it comes to living, working and playing.