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597 ROYALPARK WAY, vaughan, Ontario

597 Royalpark Way

Vaughan, Ontario

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5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
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146 SIMMONS ST, vaughan, Ontario

146 Simmons St

Vaughan, Ontario

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1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Is Elder Mills a Good Place To Live?

When you are shopping for a new home, finding one of the best neighbourhoods is very important, especially if you are raising a family. Elder Mills is well known for being a family-friendly neighbourhood. The most common activities here are swimming, reading, and gardening. Elder Mills is located in the City of Vaughan. Living in the City of Vaughan has many advantages as no matter what neighbourhood you live in, you are close to many amenities and recreational facilities. This is great for raising a family. 


On average, in Elder Mills families have at least 2 young children at home. 93% of residents in Elder Mills own their homes, while 7% of the Elder Mills population rent. The most common home styles in Elder Mills are detached homes. Most of the adult Elder Mills population are middle aged born between 1981 and 2000. There are approximately 51% of males and 49% of females living in this neighbourhood. The top 3 languages spoken in this neighbourhood are English, Italian, and Panjabi. 71% of households are families, 22% are couples, and 7% are singles. The approximate age of the population is as follows:

  • Under 10 years of age – 11%
  • Ages 10-14 – 7%
  • Ages 15-19 – 8%
  • Ages 20-29 – 15%
  • Ages -30-54 – 38%
  • Ages 55-64 – 11%
  • Ages 65+ – 10%

70% of households have children, and 30% have no children. Therefore this is a great kid-friendly, family orientated neighbourhood. 


The average household income in this area is approximately $124,930. 17% of the population earn under $50,000 a year, 51% of the population earn between $50,000 and $150,000 a year while 32% of the population in this area earn over $150,000 a year. 

Average Education Levels of Residents in Elder Mills

51% have a high school diploma, 25% have a college diploma, and 24% have a university degree. There are many education facilities nearby for children to attend. Some of the schools are:

  • St.Angela Merici Elementary School – 0.38 Km
  • Elder Mills Elementary School – 1.87 Km
  • St Padre Pio Elementary School – 5.72 Km
  • Woodbridge Secondary School – 2.6 Km
  • Holy Cross Secondary School – 3.28 Km
  • Emily Carr Secondary School – 3.02 Km
  • Holy Cross Catholic Academy – 0.29 Km
  • Haute Couture School of Fashion – 0.29 Km
  • Haute Couture School of Fashion Arts and Design – 0.29 Km


Most of the residents in Elder Mills have a short commute to work, with only 2% travelling over an hour to and from work. Short commutes to and from work, make for a much better quality family life. 46% of the Elder Mills population use their vehicles to commute, 4% use public transportation, 4% walk, and 1% cycle. 29% of the population own sedans, 18% own SUV’s and 12% own sub-compact vehicles. On average, households spend between $30 and $39 thousand on vehicles with Toyota, Honda, and Ford being the most popular. 

Leisure Activities

The most common leisure activities in this neighbourhood are swimming, reading, gardening, health, and fitness, fine dining, pubs, and post secondary education.

  • The closest restaurant is 0.65 Km
  • The closest Health and fitness facility is 0.71 Km
  • The closest park is 0.38 Km
  • The closest library is 2.49 Km
  • The closest movie theatre is 6.82 km, and the closest bar is 1.13 Km.

So you can see many things to enjoy leisure activities are in close proximity to Elder Mills. 


Elder Mills is the ideal place to live as there are many amenities close by, some even within walking distance. The information provided below will give you an idea of what is nearby:

  • Medical Care – 0.7 Km
  • Pharmacy – 0.65 Km
  • Bank – 0.61 Km
  • Coffee Shop – 0.8 Km
  • Liquor Store – 1.26 Km
  • Grocery Store – 0.65 Km
  • Gas Station – 0.81 Km
  • Restaurant – 0.65 Km
  • Mall – 2.52 Km

Along with the above-mentioned amenities, the city of Vaughan is also home to Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park, Boyd Conservation area, Legoland, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Reptilia, Kortright Centre for Conservation and Black Creek Pioneer Village. The options are endless for family entertainment. 


When raising a family, having shopping facilities close by is very important. Living in Elder Mills offers you many different options for all your shopping needs. 

Groceries: Fortinos – 0.65 km

                       Costco – 1.12 Km

                       Usana Canada Inc – 1.16 km

And many more grocery stores nearby.

Malls: Westbridge Shopping Centre – 2.52 Km

               K7 Marketplace – 2.71

                Market Lane Shopping Centre – 2.52 Km

                Vaughan Mills – 9.2 Km


Living in Elder Mills, Vaughan, Ontario, provides you access to many healthcare facilities. Mackenzie Health will have two sites as of 2020. MacKenzie Health is located at 10 Trench Street in Richmond Hill, and the Brand new location MacKenzie Health Vaughan is located in the Upper Thornhill Centre on IIan Ramon Blvd., Vaughan.

The new MacKenzie Health Vaughan site is the first hospital built in York Region in the last 30 years. This new State of the Art, Smart hospital, can provide patients with optimum care with their high technology equipment and professional healthcare providers.

Being close to a healthcare facility like this is a benefit to those living in the Elder Mills neighbourhood, as many people will have to travel long distances to benefit from this new smart hospital.

The MacKenzie Health facility located on Trench St. is equipped with specialized emergency care equipment, in the year 2018, they cared for more than 109,000 people and provided them with quality care. 

Is Elder Mills a Safe Place to Live?

The Elder Mills neighbourhood is an extremely safe place to live. Elder Mills is a family neighbourhood and is active throughout the day and early evening. People are out chatting with their neighbours, cutting grass, gardening, children playing outside, all the things a family-oriented community does. You can feel safe walking the streets of Elder Mills day or night. Places of interest are short distances away for a safe walk. Their crime rate is low. 


Elder Mills is a perfect community to choose for those who want urban living at its best without having to make any compromises when it comes to big city living amenities. It is the perfect environment for raising a family, but at the same time, it is a good choice for those looking for the best place to spend their golden years. It is also an ideal place for those who are looking for a good property investment that suits them now as well as in the future.