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For sale $550,000
#1001 -745 NEW WESTMINSTER DR, vaughan, Ontario

#1001 -745 New Westminster Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 14 days ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $639,000
#46 -735 NEW WESTMINSTER DR, vaughan, Ontario

#46 -735 New Westminster Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $615,000
#814 -110 PROMENADE CIRC, vaughan, Ontario

#814 -110 Promenade Circ

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $699,900
#1214 -7440 BATHURST ST, vaughan, Ontario

#1214 -7440 Bathurst St

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 2 months ago

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom

Is Brownridge A Good Place To Live?

Brownridge Vaughan

Brownridge is a small community located in the township of Vaughan and has many of the attributes that are in demand for family living. Overall it has been rated as a community of convenience that is above average.

Average Age of Residents Living in Brownridge

Those that are raising a family want to choose a neighbourhood that is going to be the best environment for all members of the family. One of the important aspects is the age group that is currently living in the area. For Browridge, the current age statistics are as follows:

Kids o to 12 years of age:

In Brownridge, this age group is comprised of 16% compared to 15% in the GTA.


Here the population is 10% of teenagers compared to 9% in the GTA.

Young Adults 20 to 29 Years:

The percentage is 14% compared to the same for the GTA

Adults 30 to 44 years:

14% make up the population in this age group for the community of Brownridge compared to 22% in the GTA

Adults 45 to 64 years:

The community supports 38% in this age group compared to 28% in the GTA

65 Years and Older:

The percentage of those in this age group is low at 8% compared to 13% in the GTA.

What these figures indicate is that Brownridge has been determined by many young families to be an ideal location for raising a family that is not only comprised of young children but teens as well.

The School Systems

Kids Painting School

With statistics supporting the number of children and teens residing in the area, it has created a need for different levels of schooling. The community has met this challenge by being home to many top schools at different educational levels.

In Ontario, the grade levels are broken down into the following categories:

  • Elementary: Junior Kindergarten up to grade six
  • Middle School: Grades 7 & 8
  • High School: Grades 9 to 12.

In Brownridge, there are several elementary, middle schools that fall within the 82/100 EQAO range. The EQAO is the assessment of public schools in Ontario pertaining to the development of students in their reading, writing and mathematics skills. The EQAO is highly recognized for setting the standards in these subjects and holding school boards accountable.

There are other rankings that are used for the public schools in Brownridge that provide additional data. For example, the Brownridge Public School holds a 2.9 out of 4 EQAO score and a 6.9 out of 10 Fraser rating.

Child Care in Brownridge

While the school systems are important for those children of school age, families may need childcare. Brownridge is able to provide through facilities such as the Thornhill Brownridge YMCA Child Care Centre. This is a facility that accepts toddlers between the ages of 18 to 30 months, and preschoolers between the ages of 30 months to 3.8 years.

Multi-Cultural Living

Brownridge is a multicultural neighbourhood that, according to some statistics is predominantly made up of:

  • European 72%
  • Eastern and Southeastern Asian 7%
  • African 7%
  • British Isles 5%

Multiculturalism Education

For those who are interested in furthering the knowledge of their children in Korean heritage, there is the Korean community Centre for Multiculturism within the vicinity.

Recreation for Residents of the Brownridge Community

There are several different forms of recreation that is readily available to the community of Brownridge through the township of Vaughan. These community centres are scattered throughout the vicinity, and each has much to offer. Following are some examples:

The Maple Community Centre is an approx. 10. 1km from Brownridge Drive. And is approximately an 18-minute drive. Then the Rosemount community center is on 2.3 km away and is about a five-minute drive. Here individuals can enjoy the gym amenities as well as the arena.

There are several other community centres within the township that residents of Brownridge can easily access which is

  • Al Palladini Community centre
  • Chancellor Community Centre
  • Dufferin Clark Community Centre

Along with several others.

Medical Care For Residents of Brownridge

Medical Appointment Doctor

Anywhere where families are going to make their home, they need to know that they are going to have access to good medical care. Residents of Brownridge are able to enjoy this amenity as it is available in the following formats.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

This is a Hospital that services the Vaughan township. It is only an 8.1 km drive from the Brownridge community, which takes about 14 minutes. This hospital is a leader in the medical industry when it comes to technology, as it will be the first hospital in Canada to introduce fully integrated smart technology systems. This hospital is one of two that makes up the MacKenzie Health Hospital sites.

Sherman Health and Wellness Centre

This is an extension of the Mount Sinai Hospital that is offering family medicine, rehab and well being and prenatal and parenting classes to the residents of Vaughan, including the residents of the community of Brownridge. For these residents, it is only 6.6 km or a 12-minute drive.

Is Brownridge a Safe Place To Live?

Police Crime Scene Blue Light

Crime Rate

With Brownridge being a community within the township of Vaughan, the crime rate for the overall township applies to this community. Some that have completed crime surveys have given the township a low rating overall for crime at 38.51.

Shopping Amenities

For families living in the Brownridge community, there is every opportunity for them to quickly access all of the amenities they require. Which includes independent stores as well as malls for shopping for groceries, clothing and electronics as well as many others.

Some examples are:

  • The Promenade Shopping Centre which is approx. 2 km.
  • Centrepoint Mall which is about 6 km
  • No Frills about 2 km.


For those who are looking for ideal family living Brownridge can be checked off for the following living assets:

  • Kids of all ages will be able to find friends here
  • Good choices in school systems that are highly rated
  • Plenty of activities to meet the needs of toddlers to teens
  • The overall low crime rate
  • Close to good medical care for all age groups
  • All important amenities are within easy driving distance
  • Combine this with the good choice of housing at reasonable prices, and there is very little that a family would find lacking in Brownridge.