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For sale $920,000
43 VEDETTE WAY, vaughan, Ontario

43 Vedette Way

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 5 days ago

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1601 sqft
For sale $2,998,900
166 HEINTZMAN CRES, vaughan, Ontario

166 Heintzman Cres

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 4 days ago

5 Bedroom 6 Bathroom
For sale $1,388,000
167 ROSEDALE HEIGHTS DR, vaughan, Ontario

167 Rosedale Heights Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 17 days ago

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $2,988,800
85 LADY JESSICA DR, vaughan, Ontario

85 Lady Jessica Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

5 Bedroom 7 Bathroom
For sale $1,148,800
275 FOREST FOUNTAIN DR, vaughan, Ontario

275 Forest Fountain Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 9 hours ago

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $1,349,000
143 MEDALLION BLVD, vaughan, Ontario

143 Medallion Blvd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 2 days ago

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $1,299,900
7 WELLER CRES, vaughan, Ontario

7 Weller Cres

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 4 days ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $539,900
#312 -8302 ISLINGTON AVE, vaughan, Ontario

#312 -8302 Islington Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 4 days ago

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
For sale $529,900
#804 -30 NORTH PARK RD, vaughan, Ontario

#804 -30 North Park Rd

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 17 days ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $579,900
#2814 -7895 JANE ST, vaughan, Ontario

#2814 -7895 Jane St

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 19 days ago

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $1,849,900
11 BALDERSON DR, vaughan, Ontario

11 Balderson Dr

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom
For sale $679,000
#327 -2396 MAJOR MACKENZIE DR W, vaughan, Ontario

#327 -2396 Major Mackenzie Dr W

Vaughan, Ontario

Listed 1 month ago

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom

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Is Vaughan a Good Place to Live?

For those who are not familiar with the city of Vaughan, it is a great place to live, work, and play.

History of Vaughan

In 1850 Vaughan became incorporated as a Township, with a population of approximately 6000. Once a farmland community, it has now grown into the fifth-largest city in the GTA. Just north of Toronto, in the Municipality of York, it has become the 17th largest city in Canada.

Vaughan’s 5 Communities


Concord Vaughan

In 1853 the Northern Railway was built. The station located in Concord was known as the Thornhill Railway Station. In 1951, when Highway 401 opened, Concord began to become Vaughan’s industrial district. Residential areas were developed in the 1950’s east of Keele Street.

Glen Shields was located in the southeast and another development west of Dufferin. In the 2000’s Dufferin Hill was built. It was located near Rutherford Rd and Dufferin St. During the 70’s and ’80s, on Highway 7, east of Keele street, industrial buildings, and a plaza were constructed.

In 1977 Highway 407 was constructed and opened 3 new interchanges in Vaughan, allowing access to several major highways from Concord. As a result, many multinational and domestic company headquarters are located in Concord.


Kleinburg Vaughan

Kleinburg is a historic village located between 2 areas of the Humber River, with highway 27 on the west and Steman’s Mill Road on the east. Kleinburg is historically known for its sawmills and gristmills.

John Nicholas Kline purchased 83 acres of land in 1848 then divided the land into 8 smaller lots, which began the “village” of Kleinburg.  Kleinburg really began to grow during the 1860s and the 1870s and became popular for farmers and merchants to stop there while traveling to and from Toronto.

In 1966 the famous McMichael Canadian Art Gallery opened directly south of the village. The Group of Seven original members are buried in a small cemetery located on the McMichael property.

Today Kleinburg is surrounded by beautiful picturesque scenery lined trails, many quaint boutiques, and great restaurants and cafes. It is known as a great heritage destination.


Maple Vaughan

Once known as a swamp area, the village began to grow when a railway line was built that went through Maple. There were approximately 100 residences in Maple by 1904. These homes were mainly owned by retired farmers that owned businesses within the community.

By 1928, Maple had a population of approximately 2000 people. Now a heritage church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, established in 1832, was the very first church in Maple. Maple United Church was the first physical church built-in 1870.

Maple airport was located southeast of Major MacKenzie Drive and Jane St. and was in operation from 1955 to 1987. The airport was closed due to increased development and urbanization in Maple.


Thornhill Vaughan

Located along the east side and west side of Yonge Street, Thornhill is actually half the City of Markham and half the City of Vaughan. Yonge Street began as a military road that connected Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe. It was cleared to run from Toronto to Holland Landing.

Thornhill constantly grew between 1830 and 1848, with the development of businesses between John Street and Centre Street on Yonge St. With a population of approximately 700 people, Thornhill was considered the largest community north of Toronto on Yonge St. Today Thornhill is a thriving community with many large homes.


Woodbridge Vaughan

Woodbridge, once named Burwick,  was developed around the Humber River to provide transportation and a power source that helped with its economic growth. Abell Agricultural Works, producing agricultural equipment that was steam-powered,  contributed largely to Woodbridge’s growth beginning in 1862.

By 1882, Woodbridge’s population grew to over 1000 people. Woodbridge was then incorporated as a Municipality. In 1971, the town of Vaughan was formed with Vaughan Township and Woodbridge joining together. 10 subdivisions were built between 1951 and 1956 due to the increase in immigration.

Woodbridge has experienced rapid growth ever since.

The City of Vaughan Today

There are a lot of important and exciting aspects of Vaughan such as:

  • The City of Vaughan currently has over 325,000 people.
  • Residential developments are continuously being built. Many of the homes in Vaughan are large estate homes.
  • There are many heritage buildings located in Vaughan.
  • In 2018 MoneySense Magazine rated Vaughan as one of the best places to live.
  • Vaughan has one of the lowest residential tax rates in the GTA but still offers top-notch services.
  • Vaughan was the first municipality to get a Toronto Transit Commission Subway service.
  • Vaughan is home to Canada’s first Smart Hospital, Mackenzie Health/Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. Construction began in October 2016 and will become the first new hospital that has been built in York Region in the last 30 years. This new site is slated for completion in 2020. Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will offer fully integrated systems with smart technology along with medical devices that can communicate directly with one another.

Great Neighbourhood Features

  • Downtown Vaughan – Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  • Maple – Go Transit line, Canada’s Wonderland
  • Kleinburg – Binder Twine Festival, Kleinburg Village
  • Woodbridge – Woodbridge Fairgrounds, Farmer’s market
  • Thornhill – Centre Street Urban Design and Streetscape, Centre Street made more pedestrian-friendly
  • Concord – Industrial

Vaughan – A great place to live

Choosing to live in one of Vaughan’s great communities offers a comfortable lifestyle. Living in Vaughan is like living in the city, in the country. You can experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy the conveniences that the city has to offer, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the country while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Vaughan community is filled with an abundance of trails, green spaces, and parks. There are several bike trails, walking trails, and conservation areas. Vaughan allows access to many educational facilities from pre-school to post-secondary. Public transit is plentiful in Vaughan.

Real Estate in Vaughan – New Construction

There are approximately 74 new home developments in Vaughan.


There are currently 23 condo developments. Of these 23, there are approximately 3763 units under construction. Currently, in Vaughan for a condo, the median price is $644,025.


Currently, there are approximately 18 townhouse developments. This median price in Vaughan for a townhouse is approximately $495 per square foot or approximately $1,059,000 List price.


There are approximately 33 Single Family home developments in Vaughan. The median price per square foot is approximately $495 or Median List Sales Price of approximately $1,724,990.

Recent Top New Neighbourhoods in Vaughan

  • Beverley Glen – 3 new home developments
  • Brownridge – 2 new home developments
  • Uplands – 2 new home developments
  • South Richvale – 2 new home developments
  • West Woodbridge – 2 new home developments
  • Crestwood –  Springfarm – Yorkhill – 2 new home developments
  • East Woodbridge – 5 new home developments
  • Vellore Village – 11 new home developments
  • Concord – 5 new home developments
  • Maple – 4 new home developments
  • Vaughan Corporate Centre – 6 new home developments
  • Patterson – 5 new home developments

Choosing to live in Vaughan can provide all the conveniences you require while living a happy, comfortable lifestyle.