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Real Estate Agent Vaughan

Finding The Best Real Estate Agent in Vaughan, Kleinburg & Woodbridge

Vaughan Ontario

Relying on the right professionals when it comes to buying or selling your home in Vaughan is paramount to having a good real estate experience. The most important professional to be relied on will be your Vaughan Real Estate Agent.

Know What You Are Looking For

You may know what you are looking for in a home as a buyer.  As a seller, you may know what your expectations are for the sale. What you may not know is what to look for when hiring a Real Estate Agent. This is going to be necessary even before you get to the stage of interviewing these Agents.

Who is Available to You

For those interested in buying or selling a home in Vaughan there are going to be some choices as to who to use as your agent. Which is great but this means you have to make a choice. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Make Your Decision Specifically Because of the Broker

  • Quite often home buyers and sellers will opt for an agent from a brokerage firm because they recognize the brand name. Some brokerage firms advertise and market more than others. Some are bigger or smaller than others. While the brokerage firm is going to be one of the considerations, it should not be the sole decision maker.

Don’t Just Assume a Referral is Your Best Option

  • It is not uncommon for people to rely on referrals of agents when choosing this professional for their needs. It is certainly worth keeping in mind. But remember that you have to develop a business relationship with the agent. The person making the referral may have been very compatible with the agent. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be. You can certainly keep the referred agent in mind when choosing the agents that you are going to interview.

Do Not Interview Agents From the Same Brokerage Firm.

  • This is going to create a bad working relationship for the agents involved if you happen to choose one of them.

What Should You Expect From Your Agent?

If you are going to interview your real estate agent, then you have to have some expectations in place. These will be the foundation of the questions that you will need answers to.

Ideally, you will want an agent that possesses the following:

  • Good knowledge of Vaughan as this is the area you are buying and selling in. They should be well versed in the demographics, amenities and most importantly the real estate market for the area.
  • The availability of your agent is another important factor. Does the realtor work hours that fit in with your schedule? If you are a buyer and are only available to view homes on the weekends is the agent available for this.? The answer may depend on whether the agent works at real estate full or part-time.
  • You also should expect your agent to be available to take your calls or return them in a reasonable amount of time. Also, you should be able to contact your agent by email as this is a common way of communication in today’s world. Is the agent willing to give you their cell number or can they only be reached through their office?
  • You should expect the agent you are going to choose to be enthusiastic about providing their services to you. At the same time, you want them to be honest. You can assess this by the questions they should be asking you. To serve you best the realtor has to ask important questions. The answer to which will give them the information they need to meet your expectations.
  • You may find that you are compatible with the agent you are considering hiring. Think carefully though as to how others may perceive them. It is important that real estate agents have good networking skills. Meaning they must be able to interact with other agents. Agents are constantly working together as buyer and seller representatives.

A Matter of Experience

Experience is always a good thing whenever you are hiring a professional. When it comes to hiring a real estate agent experience alone should not be a deciding factor. It is not uncommon for agents that have been in the business for a good number of years to be set in their ways. Some of them have not adopted the technology that is proving to be so valuable for this industry today. Some examples are:

Internet Technology:

Most agents know how to make use of the internet to assist them with home selling and buying. However, those agents that are tech savvy can go way beyond the basics. They know how to work the social market and how to target home buyers. They know the advertising tactics that are the most successful on the web. This is a different kind of experience and one that you will want your agent to have.

Understanding the Buyers and Sellers:

Agents in today’s real estate industry need to know how to go to the next level of understanding the wants and needs of the modern day buyers and sellers. This again is the knowledge that they can gain from being internet savvy. It doesn’t just come from the number of clients that they have worked for.

Taking Advantage of Different Media:

Most agents have a lot of different resources at their disposal. It doesn’t mean they will use all of them. Some experienced agents will rely only on those that may have brought them results before. Newer agents will tend to take advantage of all their resources rather than risk relying on a few.

Real Estate Agent Interviews

Keep in mind that you are hiring this individual to do a job for you. A most important one. Either it will be to find your next home or for the selling of your existing one. Anytime you are going to hire someone it means that you need to know they are capable of doing the task they are going to be assigned. The only way you can determine this is by interviewing them. This may be a new experience for you, and there are specific questions that you are going to want to ask.

Common Questions to Ask as a Seller

What Does Your Real Estate Agent Expect of You as the Seller?

You may have had a home sold before. Don’t forget there are trends and changes that take place in the real estate industry. What may have been expected of you with your previous home selling experience may now be different.

What is the Agent Going to Charge for Commissions?

Don’t assume that all agents are going to charge the same commission. It will depend on the brokerage firm that they work under. You may also want to know if this is negotiable. Also, make sure to determine if tax is included.

What Are The Other Costs Going To Be?

When selling a home, there will be other costs incurred. The Agent will not be responsible for some of these such as what the lawyer will charge. What you do want to know if there is going to be any charges for the marketing and advertising that the agent will be doing. Some agents will suggest home staging and preferably done by a professional. There could be charges associated with this.

What is the Selling Price Being Suggested by the Realtor?

The real estate agent will give you educated opinions on what he or she thinks the house should be listed at. They will form this opinion based on different metrics. You may want to ask how they have arrived at the suggested price.

Does the Real Estate Agent Have Any Suggestions that Would Increase the Home Value?

You want to get the most from the sale of your home. It may not be clear to you what you can do to increase the value. The real estate agent should be able to give some suggestions if needed. This professional will know what is important to buyers in the current market.

What is The Current Housing Market Like Now?

A real estate agent is the best one to access what the current housing market is like. For instance, is it a buyers market or a seller’s market. If you are not sure what this means ask the agent to explain.

What Steps is the Agent Going to Take to Sell Your House?

You want to know what plans the agent has in mind for your home selling. This answer is very important for giving you a good insight as to how dedicated the agent is going to be in the selling of your property.

Common Questions To Ask as A Home Buyer

Choosing an agent to represent you for your home buying experience is as important when selling a home.

How Does the Real Estate Agent Get paid?

As the buyer, you are not responsible for paying the agent. However, the agent is, not going to work for nothing. Usually, the selling agent gives a portion of their commission to the buyer’s agent.

How Much Time Is The Agent Going to Dedicate to Your Home Buying  Needs?

The realtor should be able to commit to giving as much time as needed to find you the home that you want.

What is the Agent’s Experience with Home Buyers?

You want to know how much experience the agent has, but this shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Some agents have been in the business so long that they have become complacent. Or they are only working part-time. Focus more on the enthusiasm that the agent being reviewed seems to be displaying.

Taking the time to choose the right Vaughan real estate agent is going to be well worth it. By doing so you are going to be given every opportunity to buy or sell your house.